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Hello being’s!

After taking what was meant to be a week off from ‘LABELLESS’, three months later I’m back online and wired in baby. But in all fairness I’ve resorted back to ye ole’ pen and paper- actually it’s an over priced Urban Outfitters leather bound book. Makes writing seem more nostalgic ;).

So I’ve officially been in L.A for exactly one month. I can safely say I still don’t know how I feel about the city but I definitely have a more realistic outlook.

You can interpret that ‘realistic’ outlook in two ways. For example, I do not have a palm tree out my window and accomplishing a dream is a lot harder to do.

I secretly knew everyone came to L.A to make their dreams come true but you know that feeling when you feel like it will be different for you… well it’s not. You think you might be the chosen one, like old mate Jesus? I should have known that was the case when my water didn’t turn into wine on Friday night; a clear indication I’m not the ‘chosen one’ and I’m broke.

I should have written ‘IT’S HARD EVERYWHERE MATE’ a thousand times in my leather bound book.

I’ve been placed with Wilhelmina Models and livin’ it up BIGGG in downtown L.A. Our apartment building is by far the best facility I’ve ever stayed in. We have a gym, a rooftop pool, ping pong and single beds! That’s not actually the best bit, they put on events on the roof top where food and drinks are provided for free. Anything associated with the words free and food and I’m a goner. I’m constantly working my social life and daily outings around these events :).

I also found out if you wander a few extra blocks down the road (12 maybe) you stumble across skidrow. This area is meant to be the meanest, most bad ass place in L.A. It’s littered with homeless people, drugs and rubbish. THANKS Wilhelmina for setting me up here. In all fairness Zac Effron got beaten up there yesterday so really I was technically extremely close to meeting him.

Now I might have exaggerated the part about living it big here because I left out the bit about living in a loft apartment with six girls and no walls. No chance of keeping anything private, you’re either kicked out into the hallway or forced into the bathroom. Judging by how much water we drink, the bathroom is the worst place to hold a conversation, you constantly have people walking in and out and the sound of a flushing toilet can faintly be heard.

Anyway please keep dropping by to hear about all the exciting things I’m doing. I’ve already met a few celebrities, eaten fast food, worked for great brands and mixed with weird people. SO my stories are going to be GREAT!

keep smiling :)

chelsea xxx